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(Officiel) Bug des écrans noirs 18 💬

N'hésite pas à actualiser ta page ça arrive de temps en temps ^^. Par contre évite de remonter des topics datant de 2020 s'il te plaît. Bonne...

2 questions 3 💬

You know, the magikarps patterns that were first introduced in magikarp jump, the wiki says they are available, and i've seen some people with some,...

The next 50 pokemon in the wiki's pokedex 2 💬

There are only the first 50 pages to be more fluid . Otherwise you have to write the name of the pokemon in the search bar.

Location Listings 2 💬

There is a topic with pokemon localization at each location Otherwise if you are looking for a pokemon in...

Les questions sur le jeu 4 💬

Wait what..? I already completed the quest so I really don't remember all the answers, I'll search them however. But when you will enter all the...

Strange swinub? 6 💬

You're welcome ^^